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Cooler Master- Device Cooler

Developer: Appnomics studio

CPU cooler master-phone cooler that overcomes the common heating problem of android phones. Its fast cooling and heat minimization algorithm is highly effective.Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature.Phone Cooler & Cooler Master (Auto CPU Cooler master) for android in other word cooling android phone and heat minimization algorithm is very effective to reduce CPU usage which ensures long battery life. Battery cooler, Extra feature is solve battery problems with battery saver mode and and extend your battery life with phone cooler.Enhance Device performance and keep your device performance optimum with CPU cooler, and Master cooler.Cooler master for tablet version is also available.Features:
♛ Real-time Temperature MonitorMonitors your phone temperature in real time, so you can see the change from moment to moment. When the temperature is too high, DU Phone Cooler & Cooler Master(CPU Cooler) will alert you.♛ Overheating App AnalysisCollects each app’s usage of CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. and applies the DU Temp Control Engine (DTCE) algorithm to analyze the apps causing the phone to overheat. It then marks each app’s heating level, so you never miss any hidden heating apps.♛ One-Tap To Cool DownDisables heat-producing apps with only one tap. First, you can choose any apps to keep.♛ Detecting Overheating Apps Base On Exact AlgorithmsDetects overheating apps and give list of those apps and kill them, DU Phone Cooler & Cooler Master won’t miss any hidden overheating apps.